Program IAGG 2022

IAGG main topics (1)

Expanded topics

♦ Abuse in the elderly.
♦ Active aging.
♦ Adapted homes, co-housing.
♦ AIDS in older adults.
♦ Anticoagulation.
♦ Antipsychotics.
♦ Bioethics.
♦ Cognitive and behavioral disorders.
Assessment and treatment.
♦ Common eye diseases in primary
♦ Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.
♦ Constipation.
♦ Cosmetic dermatology.
♦ Dementia.
♦ Depression. Pharmacological
treatment. Prescription. Selection
♦ Diabetes and frailty.
♦ Diabetes and geriatric syndromes.
♦ Diabetes Mellitus in the elderly.
♦ Elderly patient with chronic lung
♦ Family and networks.
♦ Fragility. Disability and dependence.
♦ Gender and aging.
♦ Geriatric nursing.
♦ Gerodontology. Implants.
♦ Gerontechnology. Devices.
Teleassistance. Telemedicine.
♦ Hair industry. Gerontechnology,
Urbanization and Design for the
♦ Heart failure.

♦ Herpes Zoster
♦ How to handle falls in the elderly.
♦ Immunization. Vaccines.
♦ Legal rights for the elderly.
♦ Life course.
♦ Mild cognitive impairment.
♦ Motivational ontological coaching.
Residential management models.
♦ Music therapy.
♦ New Coronavirus, COVID-19
and older adults. Latest research.
Vaccines. Best strategies to cope with
COVID-19 pandemia.
♦ New paradigms in health care.
♦ New oral anticoagulants.
Prescription and adverse effects.
♦ Nutrition in the frail elderly patient.
♦ Nutritional supplements for
cartilage, skin and hair.
♦ Occupational therapy.
♦ Oncogeriatrics. Biological agents in
cancer therapy in older adults.
♦ Oral nutritional supplements.
♦ Orthogeriatric. Low impact
♦ Osteoporosis.
♦ Palliative Care in Non-Oncological
♦ Parkinson’s disease.
Interdisciplinary at its best.
♦ Personality disorders in
institutionalized older adults.
♦ Person-centered care.

♦ Pharmacological approach and
glycemic goals.
♦ Pharmacotherapy.
♦ Photo aging.
♦ Physical activity.
♦ Poverty and aging.
♦ Rehabilitation.
♦ Removal of fasteners/restrains.
♦ Residential models.
♦ Retirement and debate on
retirement age.
♦ Rheumatology, new therapies.
♦ Sarcopenia.
♦ Sexuality.
♦ Sleeping disorders.
♦ Stroke. New consensus.
♦ Thyroid disorders.
♦ Training of human resources.
♦ Treatment of acute and chronic pain.
♦ Treatment of pressure ulcers and
ulcers in the lower limbs. Products
and strategies for wound healing.
♦ Urinary incontinence.
♦ Vertigo, dizziness, and instability in
the elderly.
♦ Wellness and leisure for elderly
♦ Other topics could be added or

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